Local Attractions
We have listed local attractions that you will enjoy!
Father Padilla Cross and Historic Marker - This cross was erected in 1950 by the Kansas Knights of Columbus to honor Father Juan Padilla who accompanied Coronado to Kansas in 1541. He returned in 1542 for the purpose of bringing Christianity to the Indians and was killed when conflict arose between two Indian groups.The cross also symbolizes the first cross placed on the Great Plains by the Conquistadors for Father Padilla over 70 years before the Pilgrims landed in the New World.

Cooper Hall was the original building on the campus, and the College was known as Cooper College until 1920. Cooper Hall is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and in the American Presbyterian/Reformed Historical Sites Registry. The building has undergone extensive renovation, and reopened in Fall 2003.

​Coronado Quivira Museum has on display artifacts representing the Quiviran Indian culture, Coronado's journey to this area in 1541, the Santa Fe Trail, 1821 to 1872, and Rice County, 1902, the settlement period that followed the close of the Trail.

Others you will enjoy:

Celebration Centre Nature Trail in Lyons

Celebration Centre Estes Park

Golf Courses in Geneseo, Lyons & Sterling

Santa Fe Trail

Serpent Intaglio

The beautiful Lake in Sterling

Prairie Flower Craft Store in Alden

Knight Memorial Bronze
Frisbee Memorial Bronze
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Memorial Bronze
Civil War Memorial & Eternal Flame
Cow Creek Crossing
Buffalo Bill's Well
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